Based on 75 reviews
Great customer service and support

Had some issues with the chair, i emailed them and they came down to replace for me the following day.
5/5 customer service support
super cool chair too!

Superb quality chair

Really love the leather material
it feels super premium and smooth no regrets getting this chair

Awesome quality!

Finally received lumiere v2 after a long wait for the preorder, top notch quality, my son love it very much.

Second purchase !

bought it the second time but this time is for my brother as he is always sitting on mine.
Guess he loved it very much, i cant deny it as i also like it alot.
Great choice if you want a chair upgrade

Really good looking chair

super dope chair, have multiple rgb choices for me to choose for my room setup.
100% lovin it

Best purchase ever made

the only one selling rgb ergonomic chair in SG market. Looking forward to receiving it

Full out RGB

love it pretty much 5/5 for aesthetic

Finally an office chair for my WFH and my stream!

superb choice if you love rgb

cool stuff here

hope they hayclon provides more options on the chair.

Awesome n cool chair

super cool chair, hope to get it asap cus they say need wait as its preorder period. But glad i got this super excited for it

Best gift for my bb

My gamer boyfriend is sitting on a spoilt office chair, getting one of this for our anniversary

Lumière v1.0
Finally investing into a better chair!

I believed that this will be better than my current ikea chair

Love the seamless touch fabric version

Finally released the fabric version have been waiting for a long time


Awesome RGB chair that supports every part of your body!
Worth the money i spend

The chair with RGB is da CHAMP!

Looking forward to receiving it. Gonna make my room setup lit!

Support local!

Great product but preorder needs to wait abit long but i understand its due to the current covid situation.
Great service BTW !

Great Improvements from the previous version!

Well engineered, looking forward to this awesome chair!

Great customer service

Highly recommended

Lumière v1.0
Easy to assemble

Straight forward and easy to assemble
Got it the day after ordering

definitely not regretting buying this

saw their tiktok vid and im sold

More colours plss

wanted a pink fabric RGB chair but its fine just got myself a grey one

Well done

hope to see more products in future, just ordered the Lumiere v2 hope you will have a non rgb version for my meeting room

great effort in designing the chair

well done

Great design

Thankyou @hayclon for its excellent chair design be it the rgb or the ergonomic of the chair love it very much